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The Buzz Brothers Band

After playing a hard 4 hour gig and hauling all my drums in an out of a club and into my house. My back loves nothing more than a great massage!

January 28, 2009 by The Buzz Brothers Band in Loveland, CO

Merchant Response: "You should definitely come in and have me work on that! Please request a deal and I will give you a really great discount for that wonderful review! Networking is a wonderful thing!!! Have a really GREAT day! Deb" - 


Merchant Ratings  Excellent Service

My visit with Deb was a very relaxing experience. When I am done with a massage my whole body feels like jelly. It is so stress relieving. My most favorite massage with Deb was when she used what looked like a sanding machine but had thick padding on it. She used it on my back and it was like heaven feeling the little abrupt pummels to my back. Deb is very personable also, sensitive to your needs. She is good at finding those tight muscles and relieving them. I had a severe injury to my shoulder in 2006 and she is really good at relaxing that part of my body. 5 stars !!!!

January 10, 2009 by Rick

Merchant Response: "Thank you for allowing me to assist in your body's healing process Rick. Namaste, Deb" - 


Merchant Ratings  Excellent Corrective Therapy

Deborah's blending of Yoga Therapy with her Neuromuscular Therapy produces results that are immediately noticeable. The increased self-awareness of how my body was moving, and how it can now move, gives me hope for lasting changes to my problem areas. Her knowledge of body mechanics, and her abiity to suggest alternative ways to move, has been very helpful!!!

January 07, 2009 by paul witt in Fort Collins, CO


Merchant Ratings Best Massage

I felt complete freedom of movement in my body after receiving a massage from Deb. She definitely knows what she is doing and takes her work very seriously. Thanks Deb

November 06, 2008 by Amber in Fort Collins, CO


Merchant Ratings An excellent and effective massage practitioner

Intentional Healing and Massage

Without a doubt, Deb is one of the most exceptional and qualified Massage Practitioners in the area. She is kind and compasionate and knows how to genuinely connect with her clients. I know this from first hand experience. Truly an asset to the profession, and the planet.

July 03, 2008 by Intentional Healing and Massage in Fort Collins, CO

Merchant Response: "What a wonderful review, thank you very much Timothy for your input! Deborah" - 


Merchant Ratings Mindful massage

Deborah brought a strong commitment to understanding the underlying causes of my pain and discomfort, and used skilled techniques to create changes in my muscles that are noticeable and lasting. She isn't fluffy, but goes for the root of the problem no matter where it may originate: physical, spiritual or energetic. She created an atmosphere of safety and trust that allowed true changes to happen. Her "homework" was very useful because it supported her work in the session and allowed the changes to continue and deepen throughout the following week. I look forward to continuing my work with her and experiencing further changes!!!

June 28, 2008 by Paul Witt in Fort Collins, CO


Merchant Ratings Best massage I've ever had

I am very impressed with the skill and ability that Deb demonstrates, especially as she works with you over time. She is very intuitive about finding the points in your body that need work, and I always leave feeling that I've just had the best short vacation of my life! I usually get an hour and a half massage because it allows me time to fully relax and allows Deb time to work deeply into my problem areas to really smooth them out. I highly recommend Deb and Essence of Illumination to anyone who is looking for a professional and accomplished massage therapist.

June 25, 2008 by Krisy Sills in Fort Collins, CO

Merchant Response: "Thank you so much for your kind words Krisy, I truly appreciate your business and our time together! Deborah" - 

Deb focused on issues I knew I had had before but no masseuse really spent a decent about of time on them. I feel great :)
60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up10/09/2012
This wasn't just a massage. Deb has knowledge of multiple other modalities (myofascial release and neuromuscular and acupressure), so she was able to make it a very relaxing AND therapeutic treatment. Enjoyed my "me time".

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up10/08/2012
Very nice experience.

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up07/16/2012
Deb was great - knew just the right pressure to use and where!

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up07/03/2012
Really enjoyed my massage, but just visiting in Denver, so won't be able to use them again.

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up07/01/2012
It was a very low key Mom and Pop kind of experience. None of the fancy stuff, but a great massage.

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up06/19/2012
GREAT Massage!

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up06/16/2012
Debi is very knowledgeable; she knows her stuff. I will definitely see her again. I got relief in my neck that other therapists haven't been able to give me.

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up06/15/2012
Best message I have had

60-Minute Massage
One-Hour Therapeutic Massage
Thumbs Up06/09/2012

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