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I stress proficiency in the basics: Clean water, oxygen, nutrients, stretching, strengthening, spiritual practice, and positive self conversation and mental health. In order to heal the body, it must be given the building blocks of what it was designed to do. In today's world, we tend to go for what is easiest in the moment, but when we really look at how our food is processed to make things "easier" we can clearly see that this is not a simple process, and definitley not more simple than picking a food from a plant and placing it in your mouth to nourish your body. In my sessions we will discuss how to simplify things to decrease stress in all areas, mental/emotional, physical and spiritual. I can assist you in gaining the strength you need to lift the fog from your current predicament and remember who you are and why you are here! Along with massage that I have practiced over 12 years, I can provide energy clearing, and herbal remedies, we may discuss self talk and how this is helping or harming you, and I can provide you with the education on how to keep your body in a state of balance, and free from chronic pain.

My clients get relief for:

Injury rehabilitation, chronic pain and repetitive motion injuries such as sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, pre and post surgury rehabilitation, emotional issues such as fear, anxiety or depression that may be causing stress and tension, insomnia, and somato-emotional (emotional trauma held in the body tissue). 

I use a combination of many modalities to achieve optimal health! These may include body work; Acupressure, cupping, myoskeletal alignment, neuromuscular, trigger point release, myofascial release, and swedish relaxation massage. For emotional issues treatments may include, herbal remedies, Reiki energy diagnosing, clearing and healing, acupressure, auricular therapy and swedish relaxation massage.









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